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About Me

I’m a highly skilled and creative Graphic Designer and Professional Photographer with a passion for communicating ideas through captivating visuals. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of visual storytelling, I excel at translating concepts into compelling imagery that resonates with an audience. My work requires patience, someone who gathers information and collaborates on ideas. I enjoy being the person who can bring it all together to create the finished project.  

I possess a strong command of design principles and software tools that enable me to create visually stunning and impactful designs. I take pride in my ability to understand the purpose of a project and translate it into an aesthetically pleasing layout that communicates the desired message. I’m successful in both working independently as well as collaborating with teams. I look forward to building on ideas for problem-solving, and use creative-thinking to find solutions.

In addition to graphic design, I've honed my skills in various photography genres, specifically for events, news & public affairs, but also ceremonies and portraits, as well as more specialized techniques for aviation. I notice the interactions that often go unnoticed, capturing the moments to tell a story and safeguard a memory. I strive to create images that evoke a powerful response and leave a lasting impression.

One of my strengths is versatility, adapting quickly to changing requirements and delivering high-quality results under tight deadlines. My ability to integrate photography and graphic design allows me to offer comprehensive visual solutions that effectively convey a message and captivate audiences across different platforms.

I've used some of my favorite pictures on this website as an introduction, they're a good representation of who I am.  I've found a way to work with many different people, in a number of very difficult (often physically challenging) situations and capture the images that best represent the moment.

A history of my photos is at maiakphotography.com.

My resume with work history is here.

Feel free to reach out to me via LinkedIn. I’m always excited to explore new opportunities, collaborate on exciting projects, and connect with people.

profile photo by Mirman Photography

"Creative people do not see things for what they are, they see them for what they can be."
— Julie Israel
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